I’ve Joined The Novelry

An entry in the visitors’ book at a remote, off grid retreat, sparks what is to become a life changing friendship between three women.

Crossing continents, back and forth between past and present over the course of a century, long held secrets and connections unfold. Sorcha August, Francesca McLeod and Jack Pettigrew are at the heart of this story which explores a multiplicity of perspectives and the nature of surprising, connective experiences.

The above pitch (version 1) is for my manuscript, Visitors’ Book. At the time of writing this post I’ve been writing and editing the manuscript for three years.

Below is version 2 of the pitch, very much a draft right now as it’s part of the process of me having joined author Louise Dean’s The Novelry community, where I’m undertaking a creative writing course called The Complete Novel. The course was recently gifted to me by my family. Early days for sure, but I like to think I’ve been gifted a fresh pair of eyes, a different way of thinking about and working on my manuscript. That said, because Visitors’ Book is told from multiple perspectives, especially from central characters Sorcha, Francesca and Jack, version 2 of the pitch is giving me a headache! Lots to think about.

A conservator-restorer, abandoned as an infant, recently bereaved, wondering if she is destined to be alone, resurrects those she loved and lost, and finds hope, through writing* a book.

* Although this particular character isn’t so much writing a book, as curating, or compiling, a book of memories.

Concerning The Novelry, I’m mindful of intellectual property rights, all of the hard graft that Louise Dean has put into making The Novelry work for serious writers like me. Therefore, what I won’t be doing here on my website is blogging about the stages of the course in any great detail. I will, however, be posting regular updates on how I think I’m getting along while on the course (and beyond) as well as reviewing some of the literature I read at bedtime or before I get up to write in the mornings. My ‘hero’ book I’ll be reading throughout my course with The Novelry is Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises, it has been a long time since I read this book and I’ll definitely be blogging about it.

I’d be interested to know what you think of both versions of my pitch.