Author: lilyrosettajones

Lily Rosetta Jones is a pen name, in honour of my Great Grandmother and Great Aunt. I live in Cumbria with significant others, Sol, Michael and Alfie. I’m a landscape designer, horticulturist, writer and organic gardener. Voluntarily, I’m a filmmaker, oral historian and audio producer for podcasts, film, and artist-led spaces. I use words, film and audio as a medium to tell stories about extraordinary lives. As it can be difficult for individuals and groups to get arts funding I’m happy to ‘trade’ skills. In other lives I’ve curated many exhibitions for artists; made films and video art and written and directed experimental theatre – based on the notebooks of Ontological-Hysteric Theater founder, Richard Foreman. Contact me if you’d like to collaborate on a project. Research interests: Memoir and Diaries. Memory and Forgetting. Place and Home. The garden as a work of art, the phenomenology of landscape and Rewilding are of particular interest. Current Projects: I’m editing my debut novel ‘100 People’ and developing an interactive website about the Cumbrian parish where I live.

Cross out as many adjectives and adverbs as you can … It is comprehensible when I write: ‘The man sat on the grass,’ because it is clear and does not detain one’s attention. On the other hand, it is difficult to figure out and hard on the brain if I write: ‘The tall, narrow-chested man of medium height and with a red beard sat down on the green grass that had already been trampled down by the pedestrians, sat down silently, looking around timidly and fearfully.’ The brain can’t grasp all that at once, and art must be grasped at once, instantaneously.

Anton Chekhov in a letter to Maxim Gorky, 1899.